Gideon is a retired farmer from Gap, PA. He has always been involved in helping people in need in the Amish Community.  He is currently forming a non-profit crisis center for people dealing with depression and addiction. Gideon loves to work in the garden and entertain with his trick pony. click here to see excerps of a tour with Gideon


Jake was raised Old Order Amish but left the church at the age of 35. Jake has many interesting stories about his experiences in and outside the Amish community.  He is a retired mason and a talented musician who has recorded four CD’s of his Blue Grass music.


John was raised Amish.  He is a mason by trade but knows and loves horses.  He has been riding and driving horses for almost 60 years. John is retired from the mason trade but drives for Amish Country Buggy Rides during the Summer.

click here to see excerps of a tour with John


Barbara is Old Order Amish originally from the Gap area. Barbara was raised on a Farm with 6 siblings until she was in her teens when her father had to give up Farming for health reasons and started a new career as a driver on horse and buggy tours. Barbara soon started working for local businesses and taught school until she and her brother started a flooring business where she worked for 17 years until she retired. Barbara loves horses and telling people about the Amish way of life.

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